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Hello All!

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For all of May I am running a very special package for All the Mums!

How often are you in photos? What will you have to show your kids when they are older? Let me do the hard work and create beautiful photos for you.

Have a quick 20 minute session with me, capture some lovely memories with Mum or with you Kids and receive 3 digital images of your choice at high resolution. All this for $120 !

I also offer high quality prints and fine art prints, frames, canvas and more.

To book in, please email me ( and let’s make some special memories to cherish forever.

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Autumn outfit inspiration


I often get asked, "so...what should I wear for my photos?", well I have put together my favourite 3 tones and ideas for this season if you're stuck for ideas. This blog is aimed more towards the ladies but this can be translated for men and children too.

I am no fashion expert but I know what colours I like to see together and I know what is too much or not enough of that colour.

Colour needs to pop but you don't want to be lost behind it, I see want to see you shine through.

For your portrait you might be thinking mustard, well, your outfit can be quite neutral apart from the pop of mustard, for example, a mustard cardy over white shirt and jeans, maybe mustard earrings or shoes to compliment.

Photos all sourced from google

Make sure you feel comfortable, if you aren't comfy you'll feel awkward and you won't move as naturally which will make my job harder, if you feel good, you'll shine.

This concept goes for all bright and bold colours, like burgundy which is fast becoming my favourite right now.

All images sourced from google

Then theres the classic colour that really goes with autumn, and that's brown. White and brown look amazing together, gives your images a very natural feel, organic and timeless.

All images sourced from google

I have made this chart which I hope will be helpful, this uses the 3 colours I have mentioned above, my advice is to lay out a few options on your bed and add or take away items and see what you can come up with. Add a lippy or a bangle too and be brave!

What do you think? Maybe you have something in the back of your wardrobe behind all the black clothes that could be just the ticket.

Have a fab day

Lara x

My morning at Kanga

Hello Friends! 

I recently had the pleasure of photographing a class of Kangatraining.

What is Kangatraining you say? well, let me explain…..

A group of rad mamas gather together and excercise together with babies and toddlers in tow, part way through they hoist said babies into baby carriers and excercise some more. It is quite magical and a beautiful thing to witness. Mum’s working together, looking after their babes and themselves in unison. 

I picked the brain of gorgeous Kanga trainer, Georgiana and here’s how that went: 

How did you hear about / get into Kanga? 

I came across Kanga by accident in a babywearing group I’d recently joined. Their next instructor course was being advertised and I thought it looked amazing! After finding out more details, I ran it by hubby and the excitement in my eyes and voice were a clear sign to him that I should go for it! And so I did and I’ve never looked back!

How does kanga make you feel? 

Kanga is my happy place! I love everything about it: the different elements, the dancing bits, the fact that I get to choose the music, the community, having my child with me, the network I’ve created, the endorphins and the strength I’ve gained!

How does teaching Kanga make you feel?

When I go in front of my Kangamamas something in me lights up and I feel so happy and energetic…even on my bad days. It’s like a switch!

Has Kanga changed your life? If so, how? 

Since starting Kanga I’ve become so much more aware of my body, I’ve learned so much about women’s health and postnatal bodies. It’s been such a journey of self discovery and navigating my own physical and mental challenges. It’s also sparked a passion for working with pre and postnatal women which I’m currently exploring.

I also love watching the relationships formed between the Kangamums and the changes in the Kanga buddies over the months.

What would you say to someone nervous or curious about wanting to come to a class? 

It’s so normal to be nervous about joining a group exercise class! It can be quite intimidating! Our community is so varied: mums of different ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds who have most likely been where you are and will be so compassionate if your baby is grizzly and you’re a hot mess. It really is the best environment to be in when you’re having a hard day! It’s also so much fun!

What’s your one favourite thing about Kanga?

I’ve been teaching this class for over 3 years and my enthusiasm hasn’t declined. I love the dancing, snuggling my little man and the company of other women!

THANK YOU GEORGIANA, you are truly magic and I loved spending the morning with your class. Thank you for having me.

Lara x

To find Georgiana :



A trip to see the Potter

Meet Katy Mitchell, my Cousin, my Friend, a talented Potter and all round rad person.

We were born on opposite sides of the world but some how we have been able to spend a lot of time together and share a passion for creating.

I was raised here in New Zealand and Katy was raised in the Isle of Man. Our paths have crossed many times but last month was extra special.

Katy and her (expired film shooting enthusiast) partner Ed, moved to Australia last summer and found a place to call theirs in Halls Gap, Victoria. Look it up.





She fell in love with, in her words, a sun burnt country. Lucky for me, Australia is where my parents live so on a recent trip to see them, I hopped skipped and jumped out to the country, to Halls Gap, and my camera came too.

For years I have wanted to photograph her work and I finally had the chance to do it. Katy, with a beautiful and wise head on her shoulders has set her self up in the small tourist town, surrounded by a mountain range. Her home studio is a space of electric creativity and passion where she is very much at home.

Her work is subtle and delicate, giving you a feeling of where she was when the piece was created. She is heavily inspired by the nature around her. Boy oh boy does she have nature around her now.





After a night of wine in cups, a gorgeous meal and cards against humanity, we got to work shooting her collection with mild hangovers across the board.

That soon eased as the amazing work presented to me also had coffee in it too.

What is next for Katy? Making pots and taking over the world.

But seriously, to find out and follow her please go here :

or follow her on IG:

and FB:

Also Follow Ed to see epic film photographs for the modern filmy.








Thanks for reading.


Lara x

Trying my hand at Foodie photos

I recently had the opportunity to apply for photographing a cook book, I was keen as beans but I didn't have the appropriate portfolio to apply with. I contacted a restaurant to line up a shoot,  unfortunately the timing didn't work out, the deadline was creeping up too fast, so, I got creative....


It was a no work day, meaning I was home with my youngest, he's a busy wee toddler and I needed to get some photos together.

I found anything in my kitchen that was photogenic, lucky I like wooden utensils and stainless steel!

I didn't intend for him to be in the photos to begin with, I had loads of jars of food out so was handing him things to keep him busy, but when he hopped up on a chair and started to gently point at things, I loved it and he became the star of the photos.


Having little hands in the photos really brought it to life. My sweet boy kept handing me raisins and chocolate buttons, saying, 'yummy'


I sent away my photos today. Watch this space to see if I get to do the book!


How do you think I did?

Thanks for reading


Lara x

The Milky Way Newborn Retreat 2017

I recently took part in an online workshop, focused purely on newborn photography. You can never stop learning, I think with an art form especially, there is no end to your work, you can't look at a photo and think, yep, that's it, I can't get better than that. There is always room for improvement.

In this workshop, photographers from all over the world submitted videos on all different subjects to do with newborn photography, a set of videos were released every day over 3 days. There is a Facebook discussion group which those photographers/teachers were part of for the first 2 weeks to answer your questions. What an amazing experience, I would never have been able to ask my questions to these photographers any other way.

Who was I most excited to see? Rachel Vanoven, Erin Tole, Kristin Cook (I went to Melbourne to her studio for a workshop in 2014 and it was incredible) and Amy Cope (NZ represent!)

If you don't know any of these names, look them up, their work is outstanding, their work pushes me to be better, every shoot I do, I want it to be better than the last, skill wise.



I was sold on this retreat instantly because it meant I could learn from home, see more than one photographer in action, watch and learn in my own time, you can download the videos and keep them forever.

What did I learn?

I learnt more about direction of light, posing techniques I've not tried before and tips to refine the ones I already use in my work. How to run my business more efficiently. Editing techniques to execute things I may not have been able to figure out before. To listen to my instincts, to shoot more what feels right not all just what I *think* I should shoot.

Newborn safety was covered in the workshop too, this should be the highest priority and watching that video made me realise how important it is to me. I will continue to always make this my priority.

I want to use this new found knowledge to try new poses, natural posing, newborn lifestyle sessions, to be more creative and to refine the look of my work.

I hope what I've learnt shows through in my work and helps me to become better at what I do, It's important for me to attend/be part of workshops like this so I can stay refreshed, up skill, continue my professional development, and learn more about the industry I am in.

As a newborn photographer, I was fan-girling big time seeing these amazingly talented woman working and teaching.

Watch this space to see what I come up with next.....


Lara x

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