Free Wallpapers - how to!


Welcome to those who are new and welcome back to everyone else!

By now you should have the link emailed to you for your free phone wallpapers! If not - please go to the downloads page on my website - Click Here and enter your details, the link will be emailed to you after that!

To use your wallpaper, Save the images to your phone,

iPhone - Open the photo in the Photos app - press the share button (little square with an arrow pointing up), scroll across to 'Use as wallpaper' and hit Set. You can choose to use it for the lock screen or the main screen - or both.

Android  (this is for an S10)- Go to Gallery - Select image - Select the menu at top right corner, hit 'set as wallpaper'

THANK YOU for being here, supporting me and following my work, please enjoy these wall papers and please send me a screenshot of your screen when you use one! I love to see them in use!

Have a fab day,


Lara x

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