Meet Katy Mitchell, my Cousin, my Friend, a talented Potter and all round rad person.

We were born on opposite sides of the world but some how we have been able to spend a lot of time together and share a passion for creating.

I was raised here in New Zealand and Katy was raised in the Isle of Man. Our paths have crossed many times but last month was extra special.

Katy and her (expired film shooting enthusiast) partner Ed, moved to Australia last summer and found a place to call theirs in Halls Gap, Victoria. Look it up.




She fell in love with, in her words, a sun burnt country. Lucky for me, Australia is where my parents live so on a recent trip to see them, I hopped skipped and jumped out to the country, to Halls Gap, and my camera came too.

For years I have wanted to photograph her work and I finally had the chance to do it. Katy, with a beautiful and wise head on her shoulders has set her self up in the small tourist town, surrounded by a mountain range. Her home studio is a space of electric creativity and passion where she is very much at home.

Her work is subtle and delicate, giving you a feeling of where she was when the piece was created. She is heavily inspired by the nature around her. Boy oh boy does she have nature around her now.



After a night of wine in cups, a gorgeous meal and cards against humanity, we got to work shooting her collection with mild hangovers across the board.

That soon eased as the amazing work presented to me also had coffee in it too.

What is next for Katy? Making pots and taking over the world.

But seriously, to find out and follow her please go here :

or follow her on IG:

and FB:

Also Follow Ed to see epic film photographs for the modern filmy.


Thanks for reading.


Lara x

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  1. Anna on 4 August 2018 at 12:33 am

    Lovely photos. I love Katy’s new fairywren designs.

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