I often get asked, "so...what should I wear for my photos?", well I have put together my favourite 3 tones and ideas for this season if you're stuck for ideas. This blog is aimed more towards the ladies but this can be translated for men and children too.

I am no fashion expert but I know what colours I like to see together and I know what is too much or not enough of that colour.

Colour needs to pop but you don't want to be lost behind it, I see want to see you shine through.

For your portrait you might be thinking mustard, well, your outfit can be quite neutral apart from the pop of mustard, for example, a mustard cardy over white shirt and jeans, maybe mustard earrings or shoes to compliment.

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Make sure you feel comfortable, if you aren't comfy you'll feel awkward and you won't move as naturally which will make my job harder, if you feel good, you'll shine.

This concept goes for all bright and bold colours, like burgundy which is fast becoming my favourite right now.

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Then theres the classic colour that really goes with autumn, and that's brown. White and brown look amazing together, gives your images a very natural feel, organic and timeless.

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I have made this chart which I hope will be helpful, this uses the 3 colours I have mentioned above, my advice is to lay out a few options on your bed and add or take away items and see what you can come up with. Add a lippy or a bangle too and be brave!

What do you think? Maybe you have something in the back of your wardrobe behind all the black clothes that could be just the ticket.

Have a fab day

Lara x

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  1. Nicolle on 13 April 2019 at 6:37 pm

    Great tips – thanks Lara!

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