Hello Friends! 

I recently had the pleasure of photographing a class of Kangatraining.

What is Kangatraining you say? well, let me explain…..

A group of rad mamas gather together and excercise together with babies and toddlers in tow, part way through they hoist said babies into baby carriers and excercise some more. It is quite magical and a beautiful thing to witness. Mum’s working together, looking after their babes and themselves in unison. 

I picked the brain of gorgeous Kanga trainer, Georgiana and here’s how that went: 

How did you hear about / get into Kanga? 

I came across Kanga by accident in a babywearing group I’d recently joined. Their next instructor course was being advertised and I thought it looked amazing! After finding out more details, I ran it by hubby and the excitement in my eyes and voice were a clear sign to him that I should go for it! And so I did and I’ve never looked back!

How does kanga make you feel? 

Kanga is my happy place! I love everything about it: the different elements, the dancing bits, the fact that I get to choose the music, the community, having my child with me, the network I’ve created, the endorphins and the strength I’ve gained!

How does teaching Kanga make you feel?

When I go in front of my Kangamamas something in me lights up and I feel so happy and energetic…even on my bad days. It’s like a switch!

Has Kanga changed your life? If so, how? 

Since starting Kanga I’ve become so much more aware of my body, I’ve learned so much about women’s health and postnatal bodies. It’s been such a journey of self discovery and navigating my own physical and mental challenges. It’s also sparked a passion for working with pre and postnatal women which I’m currently exploring.

I also love watching the relationships formed between the Kangamums and the changes in the Kanga buddies over the months.

What would you say to someone nervous or curious about wanting to come to a class? 

It’s so normal to be nervous about joining a group exercise class! It can be quite intimidating! Our community is so varied: mums of different ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds who have most likely been where you are and will be so compassionate if your baby is grizzly and you’re a hot mess. It really is the best environment to be in when you’re having a hard day! It’s also so much fun!

What’s your one favourite thing about Kanga?

I’ve been teaching this class for over 3 years and my enthusiasm hasn’t declined. I love the dancing, snuggling my little man and the company of other women!

THANK YOU GEORGIANA, you are truly magic and I loved spending the morning with your class. Thank you for having me.

Lara x

To find Georgiana :

Instagram:  http://www.instagram.com/kangatraining_with_georgie

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kangatraininghamilton

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