I recently had the opportunity to apply for photographing a cook book, I was keen as beans but I didn't have the appropriate portfolio to apply with. I contacted a restaurant to line up a shoot,  unfortunately the timing didn't work out, the deadline was creeping up too fast, so, I got creative....


It was a no work day, meaning I was home with my youngest, he's a busy wee toddler and I needed to get some photos together.

I found anything in my kitchen that was photogenic, lucky I like wooden utensils and stainless steel!

I didn't intend for him to be in the photos to begin with, I had loads of jars of food out so was handing him things to keep him busy, but when he hopped up on a chair and started to gently point at things, I loved it and he became the star of the photos.


Having little hands in the photos really brought it to life. My sweet boy kept handing me raisins and chocolate buttons, saying, 'yummy'


I sent away my photos today. Watch this space to see if I get to do the book!


How do you think I did?

Thanks for reading


Lara x

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